Name – Jennefer Nicholson

Designation – Secretary General

Organisation – IFLA

Jennefer Nicholson joined IFLA as its Secretary General in September 2008. As the Chief Executive Officer she is responsible for the strategic and operational direction and financial management of IFLA. She represents IFLA in a number of international organisation forums.

As Secretary General she has increased IFLA’s international profile, leadership and representation as the trusted global voice of the library and information community worldwide. She is leading IFLA’s strategic initiatives to reposition the library sector as a major participant within the digital information environment; and the significance of library services to achieving development goals and informed and participative communities.

Prior to joining IFLA Jennefer worked with the Australian Government on media and content policy, and a major national broadband strategy. She also has experience in information brokerage, association and library management. In addition, Jennefer was a director of a number of Australian Government and industry advisory bodies in the cultural, education and training, and association sectors. Jennefer has graduate qualifications in information management and in public policy.